Founded in 2007 NetCartas soon became one of the biggest gaming sites in Latin America, accounting for more than 6 million registered users and presence in social networks and mobile devices everywhere.

We do believe that people are eager to meet new people through casual games. In addition to a social network where you connect with friends and family, you can still sit around a table and play online.

We take our job very seriously and we are always trying to communicate with our users, therefore, we keep a 24-hour a day support team in order to help our users at anytime and with any situation.


Vindi is a Technology and Marketing company founded in 2013. Focused on Subscriptions and Recurring Payment, the company is the only Gateway focused on Subscriptions and Recurring Billing in Brazil.

Vindi’s team is made up for co-workers from Financial, Technology, Marketing and Subscriptions field. The co-workers have already been ahead of companies such as: Open Concept, Itau, IG, Earth, Redecard, UOL, AgênciaClick, Wizard, Bionexo, C & A among others.

Vindi’s main services includes: Recurrent Payment, Subscription Controlling, Tuitions, Schedules, Anti-Fraud and Marketing.